WELLA was founded 1880 by Franz Stroher in Darmstadt Germany. Today, WELLA is one of the World’s top professional hair cosmetics suppliers with brands found in over 160 countries.

Aleksandar has been in love with WELLA for 30 years; WELLA has been in love with Aleksandar for the past 13.

Here are Aleksandar’s thoughts on WELLA and their relationship:

“All I can think of is how super lucky I was to be introduced to WELLA at the very beginning of my career… knowing that color as well as care and styling products are predictable 100% have certainly made my learning curve a bit easier. The more I knew, the better it got and the more I worked on myself, the more I was and am able to create. What I love is that every promise WELLA has made was not only delivered, but exceeded. WELLA makes sure that evolution of the brand and quality never stops.  It is remarkable the amount of passion and dedication that WELLA has to find better avenues to help any professional hairdresser.

My relationship with WELLA is one of my biggest recognition in beauty industry. WELLA is based on education and by choosing me to represent them on a stage, at major fashion events, and in notable national magazines, is simply my dream come true. Being able to give back to the industry by hosting educational classes and helping develop young talent as well as improve seasoned stylists are very motivational to me and it pushes me to work even harder on myself.

I was a talented and passionate hairdresser when WELLA gave me a chance, but today I am a one extremely developed and capable Top Stylist thanks to my WELLA family, WELLA training, and investment they made in me.  And the learning doesn’t stop today…”

Aleksandar Blagojevic