alex2A stylist for over 30 years, 1998 winner of the Cup of Alexandre de Paris, and recently recognized as the Most Valuable Professional Hairdresser in North America, it comes as no surprise that Aleksandar is simply one of a kind. No matter where he is in the world, this WELLA Top Stylist can still be found behind the chair.

Here is his message and philosophy about the Alexandar Salon in Atlanta:

“At Alexandar Salon, our belief is based on one of a kind quality and meeting very high standards of today’s hairdressing. Our guests receive top of the line customer service and fashion-forward advice on achieving the most beautiful and healthy hair possible. As a team, we work on ourselves to ensure that our knowledge meets our guests’ expectations and we take pride in our standards of excellence. Our stylists are masters in various levels of scissor cutting and razor cutting techniques. From the well-known wet hair cutting techniques to dry cutting and texturizing, we utilize our knowledge to provide chic, stylish, traditional, and contemporary looks.

alex1All of our stylists are colorists, which makes them able to visualize complete look for our guests. This allows them to cut the color and to color the cut, which makes them complete in knowing their trade. We use up-to-date free hand painting coloring techniques as well as traditional ways to achieve desired results. We are WELLA only salon, which takes the guessing out of the game. Precision and predictability are part of our policy, using the products as directed by the manufacturer, allowing us to always achieve optimal results. Consultations are well structured and we take our time in truly understanding guests’ needs and expectations.

I have very high standard for myself and I make sure that our team gets in-house education as well as outside training at all times. All of our team members go through intense and detailed training before they ever have a guest in their chair. This allows us to be able to produce well rounded and suitable results. Our education doesn’t stop there; we also believe in educating our guests to help them recreate the desired looks at home and protect the longevity of their color. Providing these tips and tricks for at-home care are part of our daily routine. At the end of the day, if a guest looks and feels good, that makes us feel equally the same.

Our passion and dedication to success, pride, and professionalism make us love what we do and drive us to be the very best in what we do – Aleksandar Blagojevic


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